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How to Create Google Ads Account
How to Create Google Ads Account
You can find answer to your questions on how to create a Google Ads Account.
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Google Ads is a PPC advertising channel that may be too difficult to comprehend and use. The following step-by-step process will help you get started building your first Search Network campaign. Please note that Google Display Network campaigns and YouTube campaigns are slightly different but you can manage all of those through the same account.

Step 1 – Create Your Google Ads Account

When creating a Google ad account, you can choose to create it under your existing Gmail account or to create a new one. If you would like to create a new one, click this link.

Step 2- Click New Google Ads Account

When you click the link above, you will go to the following page. On the page, you should click the option of New Google Ads Account.

Step 3-Choose Your Primary Ad Target

At this stage, you will see four options, you should choose your primary target. After you make your choice and click the next button, you also need to answer some questions related to your business. These questions include business name, website address, payment information, address of your business, etc.

Step 4 – Confirm Business Information and Explore Your Account

Confirm your billing country, timezone, and currency. Then, click ‘Explore Your Account’ to reach the main Google Ads screen.

You may have to confirm a few settings before you launch your account. After this step, you will be almost ready to get started with your first campaign. Ultimately, you need to create your account and ensure you are using the full version of Google Ads to get access to all the features.

Step 5-View Google Ads Account Overview

Your account overview and campaign overview screen should look like the screen below.

Now, you are ready to connect your Google Ads Account to WASK.

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