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How to Connect Facebook Ad Accounts to WASK
How to Connect Facebook Ad Accounts to WASK
When you read this article, you will be informed on how you can connect your Facebook account to WASK.
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To publish a Facebook ad with WASK, you must connect your Facebook ad account to WASK. After the connection process, you are able to publish, manage, track, and edit your all Facebook ads from a single screen. To connect your Facebook ad account, follow the steps.

Step 1-Register WASK

You can easily create a WASK account with your name and e-mail address.

Step 2- Click the “Connect Facebook Ads” Button

When you enter into your WASK account, you will see the page that gives you two options; Connect Facebook Ads and Connect Google Ads. You must choose the first one.

Step 3-Login to Facebook Account

When you click the Connect Facebook ads button, you will be directed to another page. On this page, you should login to your Facebook account and then click the next button.

Step 4- Continue with Your Facebook Account

When you login to your Facebook account, you will see another page. On this page, you must choose to continue with your Facebook account.

Step 5-Choose Your Ad Account

Multiple ad accounts can be integrated into a single Facebook account. If you have more than one ad account, you will choose which one to continue.

Step 6-Choose Your Facebook Page

At the next stage, you should choose your Facebook page. Again, you may have multiple Facebook page so you should choose one of them to continue.

Step 7-Choose Your Instagram Account

It is not obligation but if you have an Instagram account which is integrated to your Facebook account, you can also choose it. Therefore, you will be able to publish your ads on Instagram, as well.

Step 8-Choose Your Pixel Account

It is not also an obligation but if you have a Pixel account, you can easily control the data of your website visits. After you connect Pixel account, just click the “Send” button.

Now, you are ready to publish your Facebook ads.

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