Changes in Meta and Zoom: 1st November to 7th November
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Facebook Canceled Facial Recognition Technology

Facebook has announced that it canceled facial recognition technology for users. The reason for the decision is users’ concerns. Facebook also expressed that the lack of laws and orders is another reason for cancelation.

Facial recognition was a sort of technology which remember users’ faces and add them to photos and videos. Facebook indicated that facial recognition may be used in a more respectful way to the privacy of users. For instance, it may be used to reactivate blocked accounts.

Instagram Has Launched “Add Yours” Features for Everybody

Instagram had previously brought this feature into service for trial in Indonesia and Japan. Instagram, which has received positive results, has now activated this feature for its users all over the world. Now, users will be able to interact on a certain topic even if they never met before. It should be noted that this feature is similar to Twitter’s trend topic.

Zoom Is Starting to Show Ads to Its Users with a Free Plan

The company has updated its privacy policy to reflect the change. With the change, freemium users will meet with ads. However, Zoom officials emphasized that they will not use content information that comes from meetings, messages, and seminars. In other words, videos, messages, documents, and voices will not be used for marketing, promotion, and third-party ads.

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