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Meta Faces Billion-Pound Class-action Case: 8th January to 14th January
Meta Faces Billion-Pound Class-action Case: 8th January to 14th January
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Instagram's Testing a New Option Which Would Enable Users to Re-Arrange the Post Display on their Profile

Instagram is testing a new option that would enable users to re-arrange their profile photo grid, formatting their previously posted images into any order of their choice. As you can see in this example, posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the new ‘Edit Grid’ option would be displayed in your profile settings, enabling you to re-arrange your profile gallery as you choose, regardless of when each was posted.

WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities More Than Doubled in 2021

Third-party WordPress plugin vulnerabilities increased significantly in 2021, and many of them still have known public exploits. Cybersecurity firm Risk Based Security said 10,359 vulnerabilities were reported to affect third-party WordPress plugins at the end of last year, of which 2,240 were disclosed in 2021. That’s a 142 percent increase compared to 2020, but the bigger concern is the fact that 77 percent of all known WordPress plugin vulnerabilities – or 7,993 of them – have known public exploits.

Instagram Is the Platform of Focus for Marketers in 2022, According to New Research

SocialMediaToday recently posted a poll on LinkedIn to find out which platforms audience of marketers would be looking to tap into more throughout the year, which provides some interesting notes on how businesses are approaching their 2022 strategies. LinkedIn came out well on top, garnering %43 of the vote. Which underlines the opportunities of LinkedIn for marketing - but as some of our readers have noted, there is a fairly significant platform bias in these polls, with the platform you’re posting to generally favored heavily by the results.

In order for the survey to be fairer, the same survey was also conducted on Twitter. Instagram received %40.5 of the 232 votes. Despite everything, it is also a fact that LinkedIn is growing in popularity among advertisers.

Meta Faces Billion-Pound Class-action Case

Up to 44 million UK Facebook users could share £2.3bn in damages, according to a competition expert intending to sue parent company Meta. Dr Liza Lovdahl Gormsen alleges Meta "abused its market dominance" to set an "unfair price" for free use of Facebook - UK users' personal data. She intends to bring the case to the Competition Appeal Tribunal. A Meta representative said users had "meaningful control" of what information they shared.

Anyone living in the UK who used Facebook at least once during the period will be part of the claim unless they choose to opt out, she says. However, in November, the UK's Supreme Court rejected an optout claim seeking billions of pounds in damages from Google over alleged illegal tracking of millions of iPhones - Google said the issue had been addressed a decade ago.

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