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How to Use WASK User Panel
How to Use WASK User Panel
When you read the article, you will be totally informed on how to use WASK user panel in detail.
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WASK is the platform where you can manage all your ad accounts and track all ads from one single screen. So what’s in the User panel? How to use it?

You can see the user panel of WASK below.

You can track the most important 8 metrics such as mount Spend, Clicks, CPC, Device, Impression, Frequency, CPM, CTR.

Stage 1- Choose Your Ad Account

If you wish, you can connect different ad accounts to WASK platform. So, you should choose your ad account to track those metrics that belong to your ads.

Stage 2- Apply Time Period

WASK automatically shows you the data of the last 7 days. So, if you need to track the metrics of previous time periods, you should change the selected days.

Stage 3- Use View Button

You do not need to go to another page to view, start, stop, and delete your ads. You only need to click the view button that is below you can see.

If you wish the summary of your ads, you can see them by clicking the view option. When you click it, you will be directed to the page below.

Stage 4: Select One Ad or Several Ads

If you do not do any selection, you see the average of all ads. When you want to track only one ad or some ads, you should select them. You can see how to select an ad or several ads from the image below.

Stage 6: Examine Automatized Graphics

WASK visualizes your ad data to make you comprehend better. Thus, you can track the data of your ads with automatized graphics.

You can see the Score, CPC, and CTR metrics of your ad from this visualization.

Also, you can get information on gender and age range.

WASK offers you information about countries and cities where people mostly see your ads.

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