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How to Create Google Ads with WASK
How to Create Google Ads with WASK
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According to research, Google has 29 percent of global digital advertisement spending. So, you need Google ads in your business. With WASK, it is a slice of cake to publish Google ads. However, before starting, it should be remembered that you must connect to your Google ad account to publish Google ads with WASK. If you do not so far, you can read the article How to Connect Google Ad Account to WASK. Now, just follow the steps.

Step 1-Click Ad Publish Button

On the left of the user panel, you are able to see many options such as manage, design, ad publish, optimize, etc. You need to click the button of ad publish and choose Google Search or Google GDN options. In this article, we will examine the publishing process of Google Search ads. If you are eager to learn how to publish Google GDN ads. Please, go to the related article which is named “How to Create Google GDN Ads”.

Step 2-Fill the Gaps

To publish a Google ad, you need to make some choices. For instance, you should give a name to your campaign or select the region/country/city. Also, you must determine your daily budget and Default Cost Per Click (If you do not want, you do not have to determine any value for Default Cost Per Click).

Step 3-Do not Forget to Select Your Bidding Strategy

If you do not select any bidding strategy, WASK accepts Set Manual CPC as default. If you wish, you are free to select other bidding strategies that comply with your aim.

Step 4-Click the Next

When you end the filling process, you are ready to go to the next step.

Step 4- Write Keywords

To publish a Google ad with WASK, you must write at least three keywords which are related to your product or service. Therefore, people who search with those keywords may see your ad. If you want to add more keywords, you only need to click the add button that has green colour.

Also it is also possible to select negative keywords.

Step 5-Choose Match Type

When you write your keywords, you should also choose match type. If you choose the exact option, only searchers, who use exactly the same words, can see your ad. When phrase match type is selected, ads may show on searches that include the meaning of your keyword. Thirdly, if you select the broad option, ads may show on searches that relate to your keywords.

Step 6-Write Headers

You should also write headers of your Google ads. Because people will not see your keywords during searches but they will see your headers. So, try to find attractive headers. If you want to add more headers, you only need to click the add button that has green colour.

Step 7-Write Descriptions

Ad descriptions are the section in that you describe your product or service. That is why you should shortly introduce your ad object.

Step 8-Add Your Website URL

When people click your ad, they will be directed to the website that you write. So, write the website that you want people to visit.

Step 9-Be Careful About Quality Score

Quality Score is a diagnostic tool meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers. A higher Quality Score means that your ad and landing page are more relevant and useful to someone searching for your keyword, compared to other advertisers. Thus, try to make your quality score high as far as possible. It should be green.

Step 10-Add New Ads

Google allows you to add many ads under one campaign. So, if you want to add another ad to your campaign, you must do all processes one more time. Just click the Responsive Search Ad, and repeat the process.

Step 11-Look at Preview of Your Ad

When you are ready to publish your ad, you may wonder how your ad is seeming. WASK offers a preview for you to see your ads.

Step 12-Click the Send Button

When you are ready to publish your ad, you need to click the send button.

When the ad is successfully published, a pop-up will appear in the upper right corner that says “Your Google Ad Created Successfully”.

Step 13-Check Your Ad from User Panel

When you publish your Google ad, it should be uploaded to user panel. Remember to check it.

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