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How to Create Facebook Ads with WASK
How to Create Facebook Ads with WASK
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According to research, Facebook has percent of global digital advertisement spending. So, you need Facebook ads in your business. With WASK, it is a slice of cake to publish Facebook ads. However, before starting, it should be remembered that you must connect to your Facebook ad account to publish ads with WASK. If you do not so far, you can read the article How to Connect Facebook Ad Account to WASK. Now, just follow the steps.

Step 1-Click Ad Publish Button

On the left of the user panel, you are able to see many options such as manage, design, ad publish, optimize, etc. You need to click the button of ad publish and choose Facebook options.

Step 2-Specify Your Ad Purpose

While publishing a Facebook ad, the ad purpose should be selected. The more you know the detail of the campaign, the more you choose the true option. So, let’s take a peek at them.

  • "I want more website traffic" option drives traffic to your website, landing page, or e-commerce store. This is one of the most common ad types you'll see on Facebook.

  • "I want to show my ads to the max number of people" option gives you a measure of how many people were exposed to your message during an ad campaign. People may not always click on your ads, but they may be more likely to engage with your business when they see your message. Your reach can be affected by your bid, budget, and audience targeting.

  • "I want to show my ads to people who are familiar with my brand" option helps you to increase your brand's awareness.

  • "I want to increase the interactivity of Facebook and Instagram posts" option allows your post to reach more people.

  • "I want to contact my customers via Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram DM" option helps you to increase the communication with your customers. It is named Messages, too.

  • "I want to increase the possibility of making a conversion" option allows you to publish an ad with a conversion. So, you can select any conversion which you aim.

Step 3-Create New Audience

When you publish a Facebook ad, you need an audience to target. If you want, you can create a new one or you can select from the target audience list. We explained how to create a target audience list in the related article but now we will not make any selection. That is why we will click the “Create New Audience” option.

Step 4-Write the Detail of Your Target Audience

You need to give some specific information to reach the best potential customer. Ad region, age range, gender are key selections.

Also, choosing interest, behavior, and demographics are very helpful for advertisers. If you wish, you can search for interest or you can choose from the list.

Step 5-Click the Next Button

To go to the next step, it is enough to click the next button. However, if you want, you can save your target audience to use it later again.

Step 6-Select Platforms to show your ad

WASK provides many platform options to its users. You can choose all of them or some of them to publish your ads.

Step 7-Select Action Type

To publish your ad, you have to write a title, description, and message. Then, you should determine your budget, end date, and website URL.

Lastly, you should select an action type because people, who see your ad, will do what action you desire by clicking your ad. For instance, if you publish a Facebook ad to increase the number of your subscriber, you should select the subscribe action.

Step 8-Add Image

You have three options of your creatives; you can publish one image, a carousel, or published post ads.

You can add images from your device by clicking the upload ad images button or you can select from the media library. As you know, you are able to design ad images with WASK Ad Design Tool. After you design your ad images, upload them to the media library. Then, use them when needed.

Also, you can see previews of your ads. You only need to click them. For instance, if you desire to see an Instagram preview, click the logo of Instagram.

Step 9-Click the Publish Button

After you end the filling process, you are now ready to publish your Facebook ad. Only need to click the publish button.

When you click the publish button, you will see the pop-up which says “Your Facebook Ad Created Successfully” on the top right-hand corner. It is a sign of your success.

Step 10-Check the User Panel

When an ad is published, it must be uploaded to the user panel. If you see your ad at the user panel, it means that everything is fine.

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