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Using the A/B Testing Feature
Using the A/B Testing Feature
You can compare your ads after reading the article.
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With the smart tool for A/B testing, you can test your digital ads and stop wasting your budget on underperforming ads.

You can A-B test between Facebook and Instagram ads, between your Google ads, or between your Facebook and Google ads.

After the A-B tests, you can turn off inefficient ads according to the performance results and keep the one that performs the best. What's more, you can let WASK automatically decide which ads to keep running based on the results of the A-B tests.

To test your ads, follow the steps.

Step 1-Click the Autopilot Button

AutoPilot consists of three features; AutoPilot Rules, A/B Testing, and Scheduler. A/B Testing feature is located under the AutoPilot tab.

Step 2-Select Your Ads

You must choose two ads to perform A/B Test. You are free to choose Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads. WASK allows you to perform an A/B test between Facebook and Instagram ads, between your Google ads, or between your Facebook and Google ads.

In the sample picture, we choose Facebook and Google ads to compare.

Step 3-Determine the Metric

By using A/B Testing feature, you can compare your ads in accordance with the four most important ad metrics such as Click Through Rate, Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Click, and Clicks. You have to choose which metric will be the object of comparing process. Or, you can also create four separate c for all metrics.

Step 4-Decide the Action

You have to decide what will happen to your ads after the comparison. You can stop worse advertisements or change their budget of them.

Step 5-Decide the Date

A/B Testing starts when you click the “Create Rule” button. However, you must decide the time when it will end. During the period, your ads consistently are tested. After the period ends, your rule is applied.

Step 6- Check the List

After you create a rule, it will be uploaded the list. You can see pending and completed rules with their time and results in the list. If you would like, you can delete the rule before it starts by clicking the delete button.

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