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How to Set AutoPilot Rules?
How to Set AutoPilot Rules?
After reading the article, you can set AutoPilot rules to save your time and money.
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In today's world, where time is precious, learn about the AutoPilot feature that allows you to spend less time on your digital ads but still get the best results.

You can automatically perform stop/start or budget changes by scheduling your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

You can narrow down your metrics like "cost per click, " "impression cost, " or "cost per conversion " and use your budget more efficiently. AutoPilot literally saves you a lot of time.

To set AutoPilot rules, follow the steps.

Step 1-Click the Autopilot Button

AutoPilot consists of three features; AutoPilot Rules, A/B Testing, and Scheduler. A/B Testing feature is located under the AutoPilot tab.

Step 2-Select Your Ad Account

As you know, users are able to connect several ad accounts to WASK. Thus, you should choose your ad account to continue creating rules.

Step 3- Select an Ad

You must select an ad to create a rule. The selected ad will be the object of the rule.

Step 4- Determine the Metric

By using AutoPilot rules, you can analyze your ads in accordance with the four most important ad metrics such as Click Through Rate, Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Click, and Clicks. You have to choose which metric will be the object of analyzing process.

Step 5-Write a Value

To analyze your ad, a value should be determined. WASK smart algorithm analyzes your ad and decides what will happen by considering the value.

You should also determine how the rule will be applied, the rule may be applied in two situations; greater than or equal or less than or equal.

Step 6-Choose the Rule

You can apply three rules to your ads; stop, delete, and change the daily budget. Apply the most logical one for you.

Step 7-Determine the Time Period and Create the Rule

To analyze the performance of your ad, a time period must be determined. WASK smart algorithm consistently checks your ads performance during the time period.

When you determine the time period, you are ready to create your rule. After the time circle ends, the rule will be automatically applied to your ad.

Step 8-Check the List

After you create a rule, it will be uploaded the list. You can see pending and completed rules with their time and results in the list. If you would like, you can delete the rule before it starts by clicking the delete button.

Now, you can save your time and money. Do not worry, WASK will check everything for you.

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