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How to Create Reports?
How to Create Reports?
You can learn in detail to create reports by reading the article.
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You can track in detail the reporting of all critical metrics related to your digital ads. You can download your reports in PDF or Excel format or share them with your teammates.

You can easily track the key metrics of your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads such as "Impressions, " "Clicks, " "Quality Scores, " "Conversion Rates, " "Conversion Acquisition Costs, " "CPC, " "CPM, " "CTR, " "ROI" on the screens.

You can access all the results from anywhere, within the period you specify or with the automatic reports generated by WASK.

You can learn in detail to create reports by following the steps.

Step 1-Click the Reporting Button

You can find the Reporting Button on the left of the page. It is enough to find and click it.

Step 2-Choose Ad Account

As you know, users are able to connect several ad accounts to WASK. Thus, you should choose your ad account to continue creating a report.

Step 3-Choose the Time Period

You can create a report that can go back to the first date you start to use WASK. So, you should choose a time period to control data.

Step 4-Create a Report

When you choose the time period, you are ready to create a report. You need to just click the Create Report tab.

Step 5-Download the Report

After creating the report, you can easily download it to share with your teammates.

If you would like to see past reports which you created, you can also see and download them on the reporting page.

Now, you are able to create new reports and share them with your teammates.

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