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How to Compare Ads?
How to Compare Ads?
You can compare your ads with each other to find better one.
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WASK allows its users to compare their ads with each other in the terms of productivity, the amount spent, score, impression, click, and cost per click. Thus, user can save their time and money by continuing the way with a better ad.

It is super easy to make a comparison between ads, just follow the steps.

Step 1-Click the Comparison Button

The comparison button is on the left of the page, you only need to click it.

Step 2-Choose Ads to Compare

You can make a comparison between Facebook and Instagram ads, between your Google ads, or between your Facebook and Google ads. Choose both of your ads and compare them.

Step 3-Determine Time Period and Click the Apply Button

To compare your ads, you need to determine a time period because your ads will be analyzed in accordance with the data of this time period. After determining the time period, you need to only click the apply button.

Step 4-Check the Graphs

When a comparison is made, WASK creates four important graphs to visualize ad data. So, you can check them for a better understanding.

The impression graph shows you how many people see your ads.

The clicks graph shows you how many people click your ads.

The cost per click graph shows you CPC for your ads.

The score graph shows you the total score of your ads.

Step 5-Download Results

Lastly, it must be remembered that you can download the comparison results as SVG, PNG, and CSV documents. Download them and share with your teammates.

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