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How to Optimize Underperforming Ads?
How to Optimize Underperforming Ads?
If you are unsatisfied with your ads, you can optimize them by using the optimization tool.
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You can automatically optimize your underperforming ads, thanks to the WASK’s smart optimization feature.

WASK improves your ad to use your budget more efficiently by checking all the important metrics of your underperforming ads. It allows you to reach a more accurate target audience by automatically detecting all aspects including ad placements, demographic information, target audience, location, advertising strategy, conversions, and costs.

Moreover, you can instantly track all the changes made before and after optimization and view the history of all the changes made by the Optimization tool.

To learn how to start optimization, just follow the steps.

Step 1-Make Your Ad Active

You can start optimization for only active ads. So, you should make your ads active before starting optimization. It is too easy to make your ads active. When you click the button, which is inside of the red square in the photo, it will turn green. It means that your ad is active now.

Step 2-Go to the View Page

The optimization button exists on the view page. So, you need to go to view page.

Step 3-Click the Optimize Button

When you go to the view page, you can find optimize button in two different places. The first one is above the page.

Besides, it is located above the smart advice part.

Step 4-Choose Unsatisfied Situation

When you click the optimization button, you will meet five questions. Those questions aim to learn what you are not satisfied with. Choose the unsatisfactory one.

In this sample, we will optimize our ad for getting more impression.

Step 5- Fix the Problem

When you determine the unsatisfactory situation, WASK's smart algorithm checks your ad's metric and finds problematic issues. After checking process, you only need to click the fix button.

If your campaign is available to optimize, you will see that above screen. It means that optimization will start in a few hours.

On the other hand, your ad may not be available to optimize. In this situation, you should try to optimize your ad by choosing one of the other unsatisfactory situations.

Step 6-Click the Next Button

When you click the next button, you will see a screen that shows your optimization is started. Now, you only need to wait until the process finishes.

Step 7-Check the Results

If you would like to see the results of optimization, you only need to click the "Optimize" button on the left of the dashboard.

You can see completed ads from this tab. If you would like to see change , you can also click the name of the ad and see details.

Try WASK's smart optimization to get better results from your unsatisfactory ads.

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