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How to Create Audience Manually?
How to Create Audience Manually?
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It is one of the hardest processes for inexperienced advertisers to find the right audience. WASK eliminates this problem with its smart algorithm. To find the audience for your ads, follow the steps.

Step 1-Click the Target Audiences Tab

Create Audience feature is located under the Target Audiences tab. So, you need to click it to create an audience.

Step 2- Choose Manual Option

WASK provides many options to create audiences. If you want to create manually a target audience, you must choose the "Manual" option.

Step 3-Write Related Information

When you choose to create a target audience manually, you need to give all information by yourself. So, you should choose Ad Region, Age Range, Gender, Interests, Behaviors, and Demographic.

If you want, you can select Interests, Behaviors, and Demographic from the list. Or, you are free to write yourself.

Step 4-Give a Name and Save Your Target Audience

When you create a target audience, you can give a name and save it to use later.

Step 5-Check the List

When you save the target audience, you will be automatically directed to the List Audiences segment. You can find all the saved target audiences.

Step 6-Publish Ad for the Saved Target Audience

You can publish an ad for the saved target audience by clicking the green plus sign.

When you click it, you will be directed to the ad publish page. You can see your target audience's name below. Just give a name to your campaign and continue for publishing.

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