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How to Integrate Shopify Website to WASK Account?
How to Integrate Shopify Website to WASK Account?
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With the integration of the Shopify website and WASK account, you are able to create a target audience based on those who visit your site.

Step 1-Click the Applications Tab

WordPress Plugin option is located under the Applications Tab. So, if you need to integrate your WordPress website to WASK, you should click this button.

Step 2-Choose Shopify Plugin Option

When you click the Applications tab, two options appear in this segment. So, you must choose to connect Shopify Plugin.

Step 3-Download Plugin

To connect Shopify website to WASK, you need to download a plugin. When you download it, you can click the next.

Step 4- Write Your Website URL

To create a secret key for Shopify API, you need to write your website URL. So, WASK

provides you a key to integrate your Shopify website to WASK. When you write your website URL, you can click the "Update" button.

Step 5-Activate Your Plugin

When you click the Create New Key button, WASK provides a secret key for you. You will use the key to connect your Shopify website to WASK. In this stage, you should click the Activate Your Plugin button so you will be directed to related page. When you go to the page, you only should copy and paste your key.

Now, you are ready to create audience and publish ad to them.

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