Hootsuite Published Digital Global Overview Report 2022: 29th January to 4th February
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Alphabet Increased Its Annual Revenue by 41 percent in 2021

Alphabet announced that its annual revenue had reached $ 257 billion. In the fourth quarter, it gained $75.3 billion. Alphabet's annual earnings were $183 in 2020, $162 in 2019, $137 billion in 2018, $111 billion in 2017, and $90 billion in 2016. In fact, the company's revenue growth is rising steadily, but it is highly remarkable that the rate of increase in 2021 is so high.

Also, Google earned $61.24 billion in advertising revenue in the last quarter of 2021.

Hootsuite published Digital Global Overview Report 2022

You can find much important information about digital advertising, global internet usage, mobile internet connection speed, etc. If you want to take a glance at the report, click the link.

Google Ads Introduces New Recommendations for Discovery and Video Campaigns

Until now, the Optimization Score in Google Ads only scanned across Search, Display, Shopping, and Video campaigns. Today, they now include Discovery campaigns.

The major updates that Discovery recommendations will notify you of include:

  • Fixing disapproved assets

  • How to show ads to more customers (audience updates)

  • Using optimized targeting to get more conversions

Also, there are updates on Video campaigns;

  • Setting up product feeds

  • Setting up Google Analytics 4

  • Upgrading your conversion tracking

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