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Meta Provides New Recommendations to Help Advertisers: 12nd February to 18th February
Meta Provides New Recommendations to Help Advertisers: 12nd February to 18th February
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The Era of Monetizing Story Ads Begins on Snapchat

Snapchat is working on a new revenue model. A Snapchat TechCrunch spokesperson announced that new tests have begun in the United States with a small test group. According to the statements, the tests are testing a system for monetizing ads shown in the creators’ stories.

Ads will be visible inside, at the beginning or the end of stories. Creators who get ad impressions will have the opportunity to earn money from these impressions. Payments that will be determined as a share of advertising revenue will be calculated according to different criteria, such as post frequency and audience participation.

Meta Provides New Recommendations to Help Advertisers Lessen the Impacts of Apple's ATT Update

Apple’s ATT update, which prompts users to opt-in to individual app tracking on iOS devices, has led to some major headaches for Meta, with the company repeatedly warning in its quarterly earnings calls that the change will continue to cause significant ‘headwinds’ in its ongoing growth outlook.

Meta has been working for a long time to reduce these effects. With the latest update, it was announced that the effects had decreased from 15% to 8%. Also, Meta gives three advices to advertisers.

1) Meta says that advertisers should integrate with the Conversions API, which will provide more insight into consumer pathways.

2) Meta also recommends that brands allow some time before analyzing campaign performance, due to delayed data and modeled reporting (Meta recommends giving conversion-optimized campaigns at least 72 hours), while for App Conversion campaigns, it also recommends that brands use a 24-hour conversion window to help its ad systems optimize “for the fastest and most predictable feedback cycles”.

3) Meta also suggests showing your ads across 6 or more Placements – “like on Facebook Marketplace or in Instagram Stories”, which can give its system more flexibility to control costs and generate better results.

Deliver More Engaging Search Ads with Improvements to Ad Extensions

Ad extensions give people more information about your business and make it easier to engage with your ads. In fact, advertisers can see a 20% increase in click-through rate on average when 4 sitelinks show with their Search ads.

For this reason, Google will launch an automated extension feature in mid-March to increase advertisers' click-through rates on search ads. With this update, manually created “sitelink”, “callout” and “snippet” sections will be automatically created and tested by Google and displayed in search ads with the best performance ad extension.

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