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How to Create Facebook Ad Account?
How to Create Facebook Ad Account?
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Facebook is the most common second advertising platform in the world. You can publish Facebook and Instagram ads using Facebook Business Manager and reach your target audiences. So, if you are a beginner advertiser, you need to have a Facebook ad account. Here is a road map for advertisers who do not have a Facebook ad account.

Step 1- Sign in to Facebook

To create a Facebook ad account, you should have a private Facebook account. You can also create a business account without a private account but it is a harder and longer process.

Step 2-Go to the Business Manager Page

To create an ad account, you need to go to the business manager page. You can go there by clicking the link. When you go to the page, you should click the create account button.

Step 3-Write Your Business Information

To continue creating your ad account, you should confirm some information about your business such as business e-mail, business name, and your name. When you write your business information, you can click the submit button.

When you submit, you will see an e-mail ‘Confirm your business email’ from in your business e-mail account. You should confirm the e-mail.

Step 4-Add Facebook Page to Your Business Account

You cannot publish a Facebook ad without Facebook Page in your business account. So, you must add a Facebook page to your business account. The pages button is located under the Accounts Tab. Click the pages and then add buttons.

Step 5- Creating a New Page

When you click the “Add” button, you will see three options. If you do not have any Facebook pages, you should select the “Creating a New Page” option.

Step 6-Choose Category

You must choose a category to create a new Facebook page.

Also, you need to write your page name. Write it and click the “Create Page”.

Step 7-Add Ad Account

Also, the Ad Accounts button is located under the Accounts Tab. Firstly, click the Ad Accounts button and the “Add”.

Step 8-Choose Create a New Ad Account Option

If you do not have an ad account, you need to choose this option. If you have an ad account, you can also add it to your business manager account.

Step 9-Write Your Information and Create the Account

While creating an ad account, you need to share some information with Facebook such as ad account name, currency, time zone, payment method, etc. After you end writing your information, you are ready to click the “Create Ad Account” button.

Now, you are ready to connect your Facebook Business Manager account to WASK and publish your Facebook and Instagram ads.

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