Google Adds New Inventory Packages: 18th March to 25th March
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Google Adds New Inventory Packages for Ad Campaigns to Encourage Support of Media Diversity

Google has added a new way to help support minority-owned publishers, with the capacity to select ad placements on Latino and Women-owned publisher websites for Display & Video 360 campaigns.

The options expand upon Google’s multicultural inventory indicators, which it added for Black-owned publishers last year, and will provide more ways for marketers to give more focus to minority-owned outlets.

As explained by Google:

“When accessing Marketplace, you can find inventory packages with attributes that feature inventory from Latino- and Women-owned publishers. We use those same attributes to make it easier to discover publishers owned by individuals from these communities, so you can add these properties to your media plans.”

Meta Renames its Ad Automation Tools to Clarify the Purpose of Each Element

As it works to provide more options to help advertisers navigate the evolving data privacy landscape, Meta has announced that it’s renaming its ad automation tools in order to more clearly delineate the purpose of each, and drive better results.

From today, Meta’s ad automation products will be consolidated under a new portfolio called ‘Meta Advantage’.

Under the ‘Advantage’ banner, Meta’s options will be split into two product lines – as explained by Meta:

“First, there are features marked “Advantage” that allow you to enhance a specific aspect of your manual campaign setup, such as the selected Detailed Targeting options within your target audience. Second, there are products marked “Advantage+” that allow you to automate an entire campaign flow from end-to-end or an entire core step of your manual campaign setup, such as placements or creative.”

Functionally, the title change doesn’t add anything new, as yet, though Meta has flagged some coming updates to its automation options."

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