Alphabet Has Released Google Ads Editor Version 2.0: 2nd April to 8th April
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New Study Finds Facebook's Interest Targeting is Inaccurate Around 30% of the Time

Facebook has long been on the agenda because it tracks what its users do during their time on Facebook, categorizes them, and then uses this information to target ads. So how accurate are Facebook’s ad targeting options anyway?

North Carolina State University has completed an important study. As a result of the research, it was found that about 30% of Facebook ad targeting is incorrect and irrelevant.

As explained in the study:

“To obtain insights into how Facebook generates interests from a user’s Facebook activities, we performed controlled experiments by creating new accounts and systematically executing numerous planned activities. We found 33.22% of the inferred interests were inaccurate or irrelevant. To understand if our findings hold for a large and diverse sample, we conducted a user study where we recruited 146 participants (through Amazon Mechanical Turk) from different regions of the world to evaluate the accuracy of interests inferred by Facebook. We developed a browser extension to extract data from their own Facebook accounts and ask questions based on such data. Our participants reported a similar range (29%) of inaccuracy as observed in our controlled experiments.”

Alphabet Has Released Google Ads Editor Version 2.0

Google has released the Google Ads Editor 2.0 version on March 29th. The advantages of this new version for advertisers are as follows;

  • Support for Performance Max campaigns

  • Organize your conversion actions

  • Get an overview of your campaigns

  • Reach your customers with combined segments

  • Understand how your assets perform

  • Automate common tasks with custom action triggers

For a complete list of new features in Google Ads Editor v2.0, you can visit the Google Ads Help Center.

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