Google Introduces New Vehicle Ads Format: 9th April to 15th April
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Pinterest Announces Partnership With WooCommerce

Together with the established partnership, about 3.6 million merchants on WooCommerce will be able to add their product catalogs to the Shoppable Pins section of Pinterest. In a statement, Pinterest announced that Pinterest Shoppable Pins have increased by 20% in the last year. Also, the officials of Pinterest say that they believed that this increase will continue to accelerate as a result of the partnership with WooCommerce.

AdSense Pausing Monetization On Some Ukraine Related Topics

Google has sent an email to advertisers saying that it is pausing advertising on topics that may be associated with the war until the Russian-Ukrainian War. With this decision, for example, ads for increasing the traffic of advertising a website that shares information and news about the war will not be allowed.

Google Introduces New Vehicle Ads Format

Google has launched an ad format that will allow advertisers who will sell vehicles in the United States to advertise more effectively in locations close to them. This new advertising format aims to provide more effective use of ads in the automotive sector.

With this format, users who want to buy a car and search for it on Google will meet ads for models they are interested in. According to a study conducted by Google, 89% of those who want to buy a car do online research about the models they want. In addition, 16% of those who bought a car in the United States in the last year bought their car online.

Therefore, it has been observed that a new advertising format is needed for this sector. The ads provided will cover both new and second-hanf cars. The new ad format is currently only available in the United States.

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