Google Updated its Dashboard: 16th April to 22nd April
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Snapchat Adds 13 Million More Users in Q1

Snapchat has been doing various studies for a long time to gain new users from countries such as India. Snapchat has published its Q1 2022 Earning Slides. According to slides, it gained 13 million daily active users and increased its revenue by 38 percent.

Snap still has some work to do on this front, and that’s an ongoing concern with developing markets – expanding reach is one thing, but generating revenue is a longer-term prospect, that will likely require region-specific focus and products. Still, Snap’s numbers are steadily rising, and with more and more users to show ads to, that can only help to entice more ad partners to come on board, enhancing its prospects in this respect.

You can see all slides with the link.

Google Updated its Dashboard

Dashboards provide a single place for you to review consolidated performance statistics from across your account. To date, these dashboards have only been able to pull in data from individual accounts, which can make it difficult for you to spot potential problems and opportunities across multiple accounts. To make this easier for you, you can now use dashboards at the manager account level.

As part of this update, you can meet those features:

  • Change date ranges and filters for the dashboard as a whole.

  • Add interactive table cards, rich formatting features and conditional formatting.

  • Download reports faster and at a higher quality.

  • Resize cards and layouts dynamically based on window size.

  • Create a dashboard card by copying over existing saved reports.

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