Meta Announced the Development of a New Product Called ”Basic Ads": 3rd June to 10th June
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Meta Has Announced the Development of a New Product Called ”Basic Ads" that Does Not Use Advanced Targeting Options 👏🏻👏🏻

As it is known, in order to use advanced targeting options, it is necessary to monitor and control a lot of user data. Meta has been criticized many times before in this regard and has even been sued in some countries.

In a statement, Facebook officials said they were “in the early stages of developing a product that will not rely on anonymized personal information from users.” Of course, it is not possible to use this new ad type in all ads because some ad options such as traffic ads require more advanced targeting. However, basic ads will be able to be used in “brand awareness” and “post engagement” ads.

As we know, brand awareness ads are used to increase brand awareness in a wide range so basic ads option can be used for it. Because it does not need advanced targeting. Finally, although there is no exact information, it is believed that the “Basic Ads” option will receive impressions and clicks in a cheaper way.

Expanding Our Efforts to Combat Financial Fraud in Ads 👮‍♀️🚓

Combating financial fraud in advertising is a top priority for Google. And to do our part in this cross-industry effort, Google is constantly developing new tools and policies that help better protect the people who use our products and our advertising partners from bad actors.

Last September, Google announced that an authorization document is necessary from UK Financial Services to run financial product or service ads in the UK. It is already expected that these conditions will gradually become mandatory for advertisers all over the world. Finally, as a result of negotiations with regional authorities, it was announced that this requirement was also introduced in Australia, Singapore and Taiwan.

LinkedIn Boost Ad Option is Available For LinkedIn Events 🎼🎊

LinkedIn is bringing the Boost button to the LinkedIn Events page, which will enable you to quickly and easily promote your event and drive registrations.

To get started, click on the Boost button on the Events page, select your target audience, set the campaign schedule and budget, and enter payment information. This will create an event ad that appears in the LinkedIn feed of professionals that you have selected as your target audience. The ad will feature key dates, location, and information on how to join the event.

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