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WASK's Free Design Tool
WASK's Free Design Tool
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It is not easy process especially for inexperienced advertisers to design their own ad images. Approximately 83 percent of digital advertisers need to work with a digital agency or pay for a design tool in order to create their ad images. Therefore, it gives rise to an extra payment for advertisers.

At this point, WASK solves another big problem in publishing digital ads. Our design tool feature is the ideal tool for preparing your digital ad images. You can design and edit your Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads in one place for free. With WASK’s Design Tool, create ad images that appeal to your customers without needing anything else.

In the design tool, you'll find hundreds of ready-made templates and pictures that are suited for a wide range of enterprises. Aside from that, there are hundreds of emojis and thousands of font styles to choose from.

Furthermore, to utilize this design tool, you do not need to be a WASK subscription or even a member; it is absolutely free.

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