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Twitter Announces Campaign Planner: 17th June to 24th June
Twitter Announces Campaign Planner: 17th June to 24th June
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Twitter Announces It Will Launch the ”Branded Likes" Ad Option For Advertisers ❤️❤️

Twitter has announced that it will launch its Branded Likes ad option to all advertisers from next week, which will enable brands to create custom Like animations for their tweets to help improve engagement in the app.

The likes of the ads published in this new ad option will not appear in the classic red heart shape. There will be several different options. The feature is currently live in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. If the tests performed get a positive result, they will also be available to advertisers all over the world.

Twitter Announces Campaign Planner ⏰🗓

Twitter has been working on a development that will make it easier for advertisers for the last 6 months. The campaign planner allows you to analyze forecasts about ads before publishing your ads.

The Campaign Planner access based on the parameters you have selected such as impressions, average frequency and CPC, also based on Twitter's data base budget requirements, and provides predictions about possible outcomes. This feature is currently only available for Twitter partners. But over time, all Twitter advertisers will also be able to use the feature.

LinkedIn Announced the Top 25 in Marketing&Advertising ⬆️2️⃣5️⃣

LinkedIn has announced the top 25 in Marketing&Advertising Industry to grow a career. The first 5 is below.

  1. Havas Media Group

  2. Merkle Insights

  3. VMLY&R Insights

  4. Criteo

  5. Spark Foundry Insights

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