Total Cookie Protection Is Enabled By Default For All Firefox Users Globally
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Total Cookie Protection Is Enabled By Default For All Firefox Users Globally 🌎

Total Cookie Protection will be enabled by default for all Firefox users starting today, making it the most private and secure mainstream browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The most privacy-protective feature of Firefox to date, Total Cookie Protection, restricts cookies to the website where they were originally formed. This stops tracking businesses from utilizing these cookies to follow your online activities as you visit different websites.

Facebook Expands Group Engagement Options, Adding a Side Bar with Latest Group Updates 🚀

First of all, Facebook is testing a new listing of the groups you are a member of that will be available by swiping right from your main News Feed. All of the groups to which you belong will be shown in the new listing, in chronological order according to the most recent activity.

A variety of group interaction options will also be available in the sidebar display, including the ability to bookmark your favorite groups, find new groups, or start your own from the available prompts. Additionally, there will be links to businesses, events, and other resources, making it simpler to participate in each group's component.

Through an updated "Pro Team" initiative, Meta offers greater business support 🙋‍♂️

One of the biggest problems for businesses has always been the absence of contact options on Facebook and Instagram. In an effort to address this, Meta has added additional live chat support features for English-speaking creators in the United States. However, realistically, given the size of Meta, it is probably impossible to provide round-the-clock, rapid assistance for all business-related questions.

The Meta Pro Team is an expansion of its Facebook Marketing Experts program, which offers Facebook and Instagram marketers free live support to help them with technical account questions, improve the performance of their in-app features, and more.

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