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New Video Planning Guide for Marketers Published by Meta
New Video Planning Guide for Marketers Published by Meta
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New Video Planning Guide for Marketers Published by Meta 🚀

A new "Video Planning and Buying Guide" from Meta has been released. It includes information on how to set up a video marketing process, how Meta's video possibilities can improve your current marketing strategy, an overview of the various video formats and ad tools, and more.

The guide's primary focus is Meta's three-step video planning method, which walks you through developing your video strategy. Depending on your objectives, the guide offers advice on how to employ Meta's many video promotion possibilities in your procedure.

The structure then directs you to the following section of the manual, which includes instructions on how to utilize Facebook video advertisements to their fullest potential.

You can find the full, 31-page guide right here.

Meta introduces new Facebook NFT display options 👏

Just when everyone began to lose interest in NFT, Meta is attempting to reignite it by introducing additional NFT display options on Facebook.

Facebook users will soon be able to create custom non-fungible artwork posts with a "Digital Collectible" tag, as shown in the screenshots provided by Meta product manager Navdeep Singh. Non-fungible artwork profiles will also have a new, dedicated NFT section to display your non-fungible works of art.

When users tap through on these photographs, just like Instagram, which unveiled the first phase of its NFT support program back in May, they'll be able to see who owns the artwork, who made it, as well as a brief description of the piece.

Facebook now offers the choice of designating community managers to control live broadcasts 👨‍💻

Managers of Facebook Live can now designate a Community Manager to oversee comments during your Live streams.

It was actually added to Instagram Live back in March and has been available for Facebook Gaming broadcasters for a while. The ability to designate a moderator who resides in, say, another state or another country using the allocation tools within the app gives you yet another opportunity to manage your Facebook interactions in a more integrated, dynamic way. This capability is now also available for Facebook Live broadcasts.

“Community Managers moderate using their personal profiles, can turn on a Community Moderator badge visible to other viewers, and moderate streams without direct permissions or admin access to your Page.” as explained by Facebook.

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