Meta Introduces New In-stream Payment Options for SMBs
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Meta Introduces New In-stream Payment Options for SMBs 🎉

With the introduction of payments between customers and businesses within Messenger conversation, Meta is hoping to further advance its e-commerce goals by introducing a new method of transaction facilitation in its apps.

Users will be able to make purchases using Meta Pay (the payment method formerly known as "Facebook Pay"), and companies will be able to stay in touch with customers regarding updates and information as the transaction is processed.

Meta has been experimenting with buy buttons, live-stream payments, its own cryptocurrency, and other methods to incorporate in-stream shopping for years. All of them have seen varying degrees of resistance and/or limited customer uptake, but Meta sees a tremendous opportunity if it can successfully manage its payment alternatives given the billions of individuals who communicate with companies each week through its apps.

With the New Text-to-speech Function In Google Ads, Add Voiceovers to Any Video Ads 📹 👏

Recently, a new feature in Google Ads has been introduced that lets you add voiceover to your YouTube video ads using Google's text-to-speech technology.

When it comes to advertising on YouTube, sound is essential to get people's attention and take action. Powered by Google's best AI technologies, this new feature turns text input into natural-sounding speech that you can overlay on a YouTube video.

Voiceovers are close to human quality and optimized for advertising. Partnered with copywriters and advertising professionals to identify common voiceover styles across various industry verticals and brand personalities. Then, these styles were tested on 5,000 YouTube ads to develop 7 different sounds.

Meta Launches New Small Business Support Program with Online

and IRL Elements 🚀

Meta has launched a new Small Business Studios project that will provide both online and in-person training elements to help small businesses get the most out of their marketing efforts on both Facebook and Instagram. The starter program consists of three key elements:

Build Your Brand Workshop:

An online workshop that provides creative inspiration and branding guidance to small businesses using Facebook and Instagram. This workshop promotes a customer mindset and includes trademarking, how to create copy and creative when creating a post, and then deciding what to post.

Reels School:

A course designed for small businesses to simplify building Reels while broadening audience reach and helping them achieve their business goals.

Photo virtual workshop:

Because creating a great creative can be daunting, this course combines small businesses with an expert to teach owners how to create great, low-cost, low-lift images for mobile devices.

In addition, you can sign up to receive a one-on-one business support session with one of Meta's Small Business Team; this can provide valuable information on how to maximize your Facebook and Instagram presence.

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