Performance Max and Smart Shopping Reports Are Now Available In Google Analytics 4
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Performance Max and Smart Shopping Reports Are Now Available In Google Analytics 4 🎊🔍

Performance Max and Smart Shopping campaign data has been included to reports for GA4 properties.

Reports for GA4 properties are being updated by Google Analytics with a piece of data that counts visitors from Performance Max and Smart Shopping campaigns.

Now, information from both campaign types is compiled under the new channel category "cross-network."

Any report that shows traffic acquisition from Google Ads sources will have a category for cross-network channels that you may check for to obtain the data.

In addition to existing sources like Organic Search, Paid Search, Paid Social, Display, and others, you'll find a new channel segment called Cross-network featured in reporting.

Google Sets a 2024 Deadline for Phase-out of Tracking Cookies 📈🎉

Google is also seeking to adopt its own, comparable control choices for Android, while it also looks to phase out third-party monitoring cookies on the web, in line with increasing data privacy regulations. Social networking sites are still feeling the effects of Apple's ATT user privacy upgrade.

To offer the industry more time to provide comments and prepare for the impending change, Google today announced that it is extending the testing period for its Privacy Sandbox and its alternative tracking tools.

These preliminary experiments have assisted Google in enhancing and honing its technology. However, the development partners claim that more time is needed to decide on the best course of action.

This strategy, which currently offers the most viable alternative to cookie tracking, will let advertisers and publishers use topics for tracking rather than providing specific information on specific user behaviors and interests. This will protect user information while also meeting the needs of third parties for data.

Launch of a New Video Series by Meta to Examine Upcoming Possibilities of the Metaverse 🎥

Through a new video series, Keke Palmer, who explores Meta's evolving VR worlds and potential, hopes to offer additional insight on the upcoming metaverse change.

‘’Are We There Yet?’’ a new series, will examine how Meta is preparing for the future and how the metaverse will alter how we communicate, interact, create, and more.

It's an intriguing strategy for demystifying the possibilities and promise for common people while mainstreaming some of the more technical components of the next stage.

In light of this, its worth may go beyond simply serving as an interesting overview and interview series, which is how the metaverse shift is being initially promoted.

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