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How to Create Manuel Audience?
How to Create Manuel Audience?
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Using information from the Facebook audience database, create your personalized audience with WASK.

Step 1-Click the Target Audiences Tab

Create Audience feature is located under the Target Audiences tab. So, you need to click it to create an audience.

Step 2-Manual Option

WASK provides many options to create audiences. If you want to create a manual audience, you must choose this option.

Step 3-Set Up Your Settings

Firstly, you need to choose the region for your manual audience. After this, you can choose gender for you target audience. Additionally, you can search for Demographics, Interests and Behaviors if you’d like. Finally, after putting a name for your manual audience you will be able to create it.

Step 4- Save Your Audience

After determining a time period and give a name to your audience, you are ready to save your remarketing audience. Click the save button.

A pop-up stating "Your audience saved successfully" will show up at the top right of the page after you click the button. Following that, you'll be taken to the ‘’List Audience.’’ It indicates that you are able to post ads for your audience list for manual.

Step 5-Publish Your Ads

When you save your remarketing audience, you will be directed to the page below. You can see all saved target audiences in this page.

Now, you are ready to publish ads for your remarketing audience. Click the green plus sign and publish your ads. ,

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