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How to Create Google GDN Ads with WASK
How to Create Google GDN Ads with WASK
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Publishing Google ads are an easy process with WASK. To publish Google ads using WASK, you must first log in to your Google Ad account, so keep that in mind before you get started. If you haven't already, you can read ‘’How to Connect Google Ad Account to WASK’' if you haven't before. Follow the instructions as they are now.

Step 1-Click Ad Publish Button

On the left of the user panel, you can see many options such as manage, design, ad publishes, optimize, etc. You need to click the button of ad publish and choose Google Search or Google GDN options. In this article, we will examine the publishing process of Google GDN ads.

Step 2-Choose your Settings

You must make some decisions in order to publish Google ads. For instance, you should choose the region, nation, or city for your campaign. You must also decide on your campaign's daily budget and your ad schedule time.

Step 3- Build Your Marketing Strategy

For better results for your Google GDN ads, you need to set your targets more specifically. You can Choose Audience Segments, Demographics, Keywords, and Topics for your Google GDN ads.

Step 4- Complete Your Ad With Final Touch.

When people click your ads, they will be directed to the website that you write. So, write the website that you want people to visit. Then, ad descriptions and headlines are the sections in which you describe your product or service. That is why you should shortly introduce your ad object. Lastly, you need to put images for your ads. You can use pre-made templates from WASK or your pictures. Be careful with the size of the images, as well.

Step 5-Look at Preview of Your Ad

You could be uncertain of how your ads are coming across when you are ready to publish them. You could see a preview of your ads on WASK.

Step 6-Click the Publish Ad Button

When you are ready to publish your ads, you need to click the publish ad button. When ads are successfully published, a pop-up will appear in the upper right corner that says “Your Google Ad Created Successfully”.

Step 7-Check Your Ad from User Panel

When you publish your Google ads, they should be uploaded to the user panel. Remember to check it.

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