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How To Use Design Tool
How To Use Design Tool
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To use the design tool, you need to click on the design option on the left of the interface. Then, when we click on the "New Design" option, we will see 2 options "Use Template Layout" and "Use AI Template Generator". To reach WASK’s design tool, it will be enough to click on the "Start Design" bot under "Use Template Layout".

Then we reached the design tool in WASK. There are 8 different size options. These options include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Google Display platforms. After choosing the size and platform we want, we reach the template screen.

Here we need to use the templates of the platform that we have chosen. WASK includes many ready-made templates. In addition, new templates are uploaded into the Design tool every week for users to use.

After choosing a certain template, you can change the image, background color, font setting, font color, and text as you wish. In addition, if you want, you can add elements to the ready-made templates in WASK.

WASK design tool is a tool that you can use not only for the ready-made templates we put but also for the pictures you add.

After making the changes you want, you need to press the save button at the top of the page. In order to see the change, we have made in the pop-up that appears after pressing the Save button, we need to click on the "Go To Library" button. At this point, we can see both the designs we have made at the moment and the designs we have made before.

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