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How To Use Competitor Analysis
How To Use Competitor Analysis
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Finding competitors in your business and learning about their various marketing methods is the process of conducting a competitor analysis, also known as competitive analysis. You can compare this data to those of your competitors to determine your company's advantages and disadvantages.

Step 1: Adding Competitors

First of all, you need to click on the "Add Competitor" button as seen on the screen. Then, there will be 3 different pieces of information you need to write on the page that will open. First, you need to enter the name of the opponent you want to add. Then you need to enter the URL addresses of your competitor's website and Facebook address. After clicking the "Add Competitor" button on the page that opens, your opponent will be added to the WASK system.

Step 2: Observe Your Competitor

Then you will see 4 different graphs. You will be able to see your competitor's website traffic in the pie charts at the top right. Here, you will be able to see the ratio of "Paid" and "Organic" traffic received by your competitor, and on which devices the incoming traffic is coming.

There are 2 different charts under these charts. Here you will have the opportunity to compare the traffic your competitor receives to your website as Direct, Referral, Search, and Paid. In addition, there is another graph on the right of this graph where you can examine Paid and Organic traffic in more detail.

If you scroll down on the page, you can see the distribution of traffic to the website by country. In addition, you can examine how much the keywords stand out in the traffic coming to your site under the data.

In addition, within the WASK competitor analysis, you have the chance to see the backlinks that lead to your site and from which sites they come.

Thanks to the competitor analysis tool, you can see which keywords stand out for your competitors. You can also see what keywords people are using to find you if you add yourself.

If you wish, you have the opportunity to see the ads of your competitor and how they look. You observe ads that belong to your competitor. You can see the Google ads of your competitors.

You have a chance to analyze URL Paid Search Keywords and track metrics about them.

Finally, Wask can provide you Top Visited URL Table from your competitors and your competitor Facebook ads views.

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