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How To Use Comment Manage?
How To Use Comment Manage?
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With the Comment Manage tool, you can drop a comment on your ads automatically. Also, the Comment Manage tool allows to you delete unwanted comments under your ads.

Step 1 – Go to AutoPilot Section

You can find the Comment Manage tool under the AutoPilot section.

Step 2 – Click Create a Rule Button.

For creating Auto comments, you need to create rules for your ads. After clicking create rule button you need to select your ad account, campaign, adset, and ads.

Step 3 – Creating the Rule

Here you need to give a name for your rule. Then you can determine words which you wanted to reply to automatically, under your ads. Finally, time to select Auto Replies for your ad’s comments.

Step 4 – Deleting Unwanted Comments

With the Comment Manage tool, you can delete comments which affect your reputation on social media. The only thing you need to do is determine words that may seem harmful to your ads.

Step 5 – View Your Replies

Now you can see how many auto comments you made so far and how many comments you deleted. Also, you can see the comments that you replied to.

Step 6 – Edit or Delete Your Rules

If you want to make small changes in your, you can do it only by clicking the edit button. Also, you can delete your rules easily.

Now, you are able to create Auto Comments for your ads.

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