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Launch of Performance Max Upgrade Tool by Google Ads
Launch of Performance Max Upgrade Tool by Google Ads
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Launch of Performance Max Upgrade Tool by Google Ads 😱😱

To help advertisers upgrade their own Local and Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max, Google is releasing a tool.

A solution that enables marketers to automatically upgrade some Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns to Performance Max is now available through Google Ads.

Google announced earlier this year that Smart Shopping and Local campaigns would be discontinued because Performance Max provides the same fundamental capabilities.

Around the end of September, Google will automatically upgrade campaigns to Performance Max. Advertisers are urged to improve their ads in advance nevertheless.

By clicking the link in a notification or from the Recommendations or Campaigns page, you can use Google's self-upgrade tool for Local and Smart Shopping campaigns.

Google Adds New Audience Attention Metrics for Display and Video 360 Campaigns 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Google wants to provide advertisers with more video marketing insights through two new custom bid metrics for Display and Video 360 campaigns.

First off, Google is adding new audience reach assessments to its special bid tools that, in addition to its existing goals, will help advertisers maximize their campaigns for "attention."

Advertisers will now be able to measure "player size", which is the size of the screen on which the viewer sees the ad, and "audibility," which measures whether an ad is viewed on mute. This will facilitate all new ways of evaluating video ad response, and these extra variables provide more insight into actual possible engagement rates based on more specific viewing elements.

On the other hand, Google will also allow advertisers to use first-party data from their Google Analytics accounts, no matter what version of Analytics they are using. This will enable more marketers to use their audience data in their targeting process.

Google Display & Video 360 Launches New Special Offer Options 🙌🙌

Google is rolling out two new custom bidding functions for advertisers using Display & Video 360. New custom bid options in Google Display & Video 360 allow advertisers to use data from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties and optimize bids for attention.

As marketers and agencies lean more towards automation, Display & Video 360 allows advertisers to automate parts of their campaigns while customizing their bid strategies.

That's why Google Display & Video 360 adds the ability to optimize bids to grab people's attention. Advertisers can predict the interest of an ad based on its size or whether the video ad is audio or silent.

You can monitor existing metrics such as "in full view and audible" and "time on screen" while optimizing bids for attention.

With this launch, Google is adding new special offer signals such as "player size" and "audibility" and extending special offer support to connected TVs.

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