Google Updated Its Meta Description Documentation
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Google Updated Its Meta Description Documentation 👏🏻👏🏻

Google adds samples of both good and poor meta descriptions to its guidance on search snippets. Google included examples of the best and worst practices to its documentation on how to write high-quality meta descriptions that will appear in the search results.

The documentation for managing the snippet in the search results was updated. How to manage the search snippets in the search results is explained in Google's handbook. The meta description and, occasionally, the actual text are the sources of the information utilized to create the search snippet.

The term "ransom notes" was sometimes used to describe meta descriptions that are created from the text of a page because they can seem to be random snippets with keywords in them.

Custom Conversion Values For Store Visits Are Available With Google Ads 🎉

Google now allows advertisers to create unique conversion value criteria for both store visits and transactions. Now that custom conversion value criteria can be established, businesses utilizing Google Ads to promote in-store visits have more control over smart bidding.

Businesses can specify the value of a conversion goal using conversion value rules. Spending is optimized through smart bidding around the business's established values.You can choose the conversion values at the campaign level in addition to specifying particular conversion values for customer visits and transactions.

Google Will Disallow Ads That Lead To Pages With Obtrusive Advertising 🔍

Google has given marketers until October to adhere to the new guidelines; otherwise, Google will stop approving their ads. According to the Coalition For Better Ads, Google Ads is implementing a new policy requiring landing sites to adhere to the "better ads standards."

According to a modification to Google's destination criteria policy, if an ad directs users to a page that doesn't meet the higher ad standards, Google will not approve the ad. Google is telling advertisers through email of the policy change, giving them about a month to make the necessary modifications.

Facebook's Meta Provides 4 Video Ranking Signals 📷

These four signals are used by Meta to determine which videos on Facebook should be viewed by more people.

Four key indications are shared by Meta, whose algorithm determines which films get widespread Facebook dissemination. The signals that have the biggest impact on how videos are distributed are, originality, audience retention, audience commitment and engagement.

Meta summarizes its video distribution strategy as "The video ecosystem on Facebook rewards unique content and promotes deliberate, devoted consumption. We want the films on our platform to be sincere, durable, and enjoyable so that they can convert casual viewers into loyal fans.’’

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