Meta Updates Call Ads with New Callback Option and Enhancements
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Meta Updates Call Ads with New Callback Option and Enhancements 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

For Facebook and Instagram users to call your company for further information, Meta has revealed some new changes to its "Call Ads.” First off, Meta is experimenting with a new "callback" feature that will allow customers to ask for a callback from your company if you are too busy to answer their initial call.

Additionally, Meta is experimenting with additional ways to gauge the effectiveness of Call Ads within Ads Manager by including more objective options within Call Ad campaigns. Additionally, Meta is experimenting with a new "pre-call" feature that will allow advertisers to add more context to their Call Ads in order to inform potential customers prior to making contact.

Businesses can "optimize their ads to reach those who are most likely to engage in a longer discussion" by using the 60-second call optimization option that Meta is including in its list of objectives.

Meta Enhances Account Switching and Cross-App Alert Tools to Increase Engagement 🎉 🎉

Making it simpler to transition between your connected profiles on each platform and introducing additional alerts to entice you across are two ways Meta is attempting to draw more users into its apps and increase their time spent on Facebook and Instagram, respectively. To tempt you to move to each app, Meta is first experimenting with a new profile-switching interface that will show you how many alerts you have on each platform.

You will now see your connected IG account(s) in addition to your Facebook profile/Pages on the Facebook account switcher, making it simpler to connect the two. That will also function the same if you switch from IG.

Although they are not as useful as the activity markers Facebook recently attempted in Facebook Search, which show how many new posts profiles you've previously looked up have added since you last checked, activity notifications like these can help you stay on top of your alerts.

Meta's NFT Display Tools Are Now Available to All US Users of Facebook and Instagram 😱😱

Meta has announced that all US users on Facebook and the majority of users on Instagram can now post their digital collectibles to each app, with a specialized post format that provides more detail on each NFT piece, after first making its NFT display options available to a select group of users back in May.

The NFT display technique used by Meta includes an overlay indicator that reads "Digital Collectible" to indicate that it is an NFT and a hexagonal icon with a tick within to indicate that the user has connected their NFT details in the app. Users' accounts will also receive a new tab once they've posted an NFT piece, which will make it simple to access and view all of their NFT works.

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