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First-party Cookies from Google AdSense Now Provide Personalization
First-party Cookies from Google AdSense Now Provide Personalization
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First-party Cookies from Google AdSense Now Provide Personalization 👏🏻👏🏻

Websites will be able to serve customized AdSense ads thanks to a change to Google's first-party cookies. Google is adding ad personalizations features to its first-party cookie support update. This modification will impact the ads supplied by AdSense. 2020 saw the introduction of first-party cookies, which use data from the website a person is browsing to offer ads.

Ad frequency capping, which restricts the number of times a user sees the same ad on a website, was initially part of support. Now that Google is introducing support for ad personalizations, it is clear why first-party cookies should be used instead of third-party cookies. The choice will be yours, though, as Google AdSense is introducing a button to enable or disable first-party cookies.

New Personalized Ad Targeting Options for Display and Video 360 Campaigns Described by Google 😱😱

In response to growing consumer expectations, digital platforms are working to develop new, privacy-safe methods for ad targeting. Google has created a new procedure for Display and Video 360 campaigns that will enable individualized ad targeting on particular websites, where users have given both the advertising brand and the host site explicit permission to reach them.

Google has created a brand-new method that it has dubbed Publisher Advertiser Identity Reconciliation, or simply “PAIR." PAIR will enable advertisers to connect with users who have provided them with their contact information on websites they have also visited and received authorization from.

Microsoft Showcases a New 'Designer' Tool That Enables AI Art Generation for Marketing Campaigns 📷 🔍

Businesses will be able to use AI-generated photos for free, which will eventually change the game for stock image suppliers, artists, and more. This will cause a significant shake-up in digital marketing.

Microsoft is also moving forward without waiting for the revolution to start. Microsoft today unveiled a sneak peek of its upcoming Microsoft Designer platform, which will offer a straightforward method for producing material for your ads using only text prompts.

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