Seasonal Video Ad Templates Now Available in Google Ads
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Seasonal Video Ad Templates Now Available in Google Ads 👏🏻👏🏻

To support holiday and seasonal marketing efforts, Google Ads has new seasonal video ad templates. Templates feature designs and music that refer to the following holidays and special occasions: Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, and seasonal sales events such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday. In the coming months, additional template work is being done for more seasonal days.

As with all templates, you can customize them with your images, logo, brand colors and text. The videos you make can be used in any campaign that accepts video assets, such as Performance Max campaigns, Video action campaigns, and App campaigns. These campaign types automatically scale to the YouTube Shorts inventory where vertical video assets are most effective.

Google Updates Search Display Formats to Provide More Content to Users 🎉 🎉

Google has announced a few changes to the display of Search results to provide more clarity and transparency in their listings. But this update isn't making any real impact on SEO or wider use of Google.

First, Google is adding site names to search results on mobile devices so that users can more easily identify the website associated with each result at a glance. You will now see the website name and URL for each result, providing more context for exactly which site you touched. Google has also expanded the site icon size for each listing, giving each one more branding.

Google Makes Audio Ads Available to All Advertisers 😱😱

Google's audio ads designed to reach consumers streaming music and podcasts on YouTube are now available to all advertisers. Google is making audio ads available to all advertisers, giving businesses more ways to reach music and podcast listeners on YouTube. Previously, certain product categories were not eligible to serve audio ads. With this broader rollout, Google seems to be removing previous restrictions.

Google is also adding new targeting options to audio ads. Advertisers can now specifically reach podcast listeners. Google announced these updates during New York Advertising Week, along with some other improvements to YouTube advertising.

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