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Google GA4 Reports Now Support Custom Dimensions
Google GA4 Reports Now Support Custom Dimensions
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Google GA4 Reports Now Support Custom Dimensions😱😱

You will be able to add unique metrics and dimensions to GA4 reports thanks to an update that Google Analytics is now rolling out. Google is adding the capability to add dimensions and metrics that are crucial to your company to the GA4 custom report builder.

Now that custom dimensions and metrics have been specified in your Google Analytics property, you may include them in GA4 reports. The dimensions and metrics that show in the report table are set in the Report Data section. In the report, you may select between standard and unique dimensions and metrics.

In Reach Planner, Forecast the Performance of Video Action Campaigns👏🏻👏🏻

Google Ads Reach Planner now offers forecasting for Video Action Campaigns (VAC), making it simpler for marketers to plan for conversions, views, reach, and impressions-based KPIs. Based on your desired audience, budget, and other criteria like geography and ad types, the tool forecasts how your media plan might succeed. Forecasts are based on market trends for advertising and past results of comparable campaigns.

You can now add Video Action Campaigns to your current plans and choose "Action - Online Conversions" as an objective when building up your plans in Reach Planner. With this launch, you can now create plans for a full-funnel YouTube strategy to get the most out of your ads and plan your campaigns across the funnel, from awareness to action.

Google Expands the YouTube Campaigns' Ad Frequency Capping Options🎉 🎉

The addition of new frequency control options into YouTube campaigns, which Google announced today, will provide advertisers more options for controlling how frequently their ads are seen to individual users.

Advertisers will be able to choose a weekly frequency objective under the new procedure, which will allow YouTube's systems to optimize in order to achieve the largest unique reach at the specified pace. It might be a useful addition to your planning and a good way to keep up brand awareness without going too far.

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