Meta Demonstrates New AI System That Can Solve Issues Through Strategic Reasoning
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Meta Demonstrates New AI System That Can Solve Issues Through Strategic Reasoning 👏🏻👏🏻

There are some worrying trends that we're seeing, both from a legal and ethical standpoint, that our current laws and structures are simply not built to deal with. These trends are present among the various visual AI generator tools, which can create entirely new artworks based on simple text prompts, and advanced text AI generators, which can write credible (sometimes) articles based on a range of web-sourced inputs.

Then Meta offers its most recent upgrade, an AI system that can employ strategic reasoning and natural language to solve challenges presented to it. It feels like AI research is accelerating more quickly than can be managed.

YouTube Expands Visual Editing Tools and Adds Quizzes as a Community Post Option 🎉 🎉

For its Community Posts feature, which will give creators more opportunities to communicate and engage with their audience via the app, YouTube has launched two new experiments.

On YouTube channels with more than 500 subscribers, the "Community" option provides access to feed-based updates known as "Community Posts." In contrast to your usual video uploads, it functions as a social media-style update feed that is intended to increase engagement with your YouTube community.

There are also some new choices available right now to encourage Community engagement. First of all, YouTube is expanding the capabilities of its brand-new visual editing tool for image-based posts, giving you more options for structuring your Community updates.

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