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Google Updates GA4 Reports With 2 New Metrics
Google Updates GA4 Reports With 2 New Metrics
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Google Updates GA4 Reports With 2 New Metrics 👏🏻👏🏻

Marketers can use two new metrics that Google is adding to GA4 properties when creating custom reports. Two new metrics from Google Analytics that give more information about the number of pages visitors view and how long they stay have been added to GA4 properties.

In GA4, the Explorations and Reporting Customization sections now include views per session and average session length information.

Views per session counts how many app screens or online pages a user views in a single session, whereas average session duration counts how long they stay on a website.

Microsoft Predicts 3 PPC Trends for the Coming Year 🎉 🎉

Microsoft makes predictions about which ad clicks will rise in early 2023. Microsoft forecasts three product categories that will see a rise in ad clicks in the coming year and offers suggestions for campaign optimization.

A worldwide Opeepl study found that people's top New Year's resolution is to become healthy, which they want to achieve through diet and exercise.

Microsoft Advertising discusses how to optimize campaigns for the three most important product categories by taking a look at upcoming health trends.

As Brand Safety Concerns Grow, Twitter Advertisers Exit😱😱

Agency executives say that Musk's behavior on Twitter and the reduction of resources for moderation are driving away clients.

Due to worries about brand safety and moderation under the new owner Elon Musk, advertisers and media buyers are increasingly pausing Twitter advertising.

According to media sources, many major advertisers have stopped using Twitter advertising, which prompted Musk to personally phone the chief executives of firms and chastise them.

Due to the delicate nature of Twitter's crisis and how quickly the story is emerging, agency executives and media buyers spoke to Campaign on the condition of anonymity.

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