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Launch of the Built-In Landing Page Report in Google Analytics 4
Launch of the Built-In Landing Page Report in Google Analytics 4
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Launch of the Built-In Landing Page Report in Google Analytics 4 👏🏻👏🏻

New functionality enables personalized reports with your preferred metrics in addition to automated reports. Users can now create landing reports using built-in capabilities in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

These reports gather information on site visitors and are used to assess the performance of landing pages, enabling webmasters to test and improve their landing pages. The replacement for Universal Analytics (UA), which will be discontinued in July 2023, is GA4, which will be formally introduced in mid-October 2020.

Earlier than this upgrade, which is being gradually rolled out to users, reports for landing pages had to be manually created. It was a tedious process that involved several clicks.

Meta-Focused on Security and Safety in 2022 🎉 🎉

This year, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram placed a strong emphasis on safeguarding users against bugs, fake accounts, and other online dangers.

In 2022, Meta deployed a number of new features and initiatives aimed at enhancing security and safety on its platforms, the firm said in a news release summarizing the year.

The parent firm of Facebook and Instagram has kept a focus on programs meant to get rid of malware and covert influence campaigns as well as find bugs during the past year.

Based on 70 Campaigns, Meta Shares Video Ad Tips😱😱

This might be worth looking at - Recently, Meta collaborated with Analytic Partners to examine more than 500 ads from more than 70 campaigns in order to gain insight into the most important best practices, tactics, and advice for enhancing your video marketing approach.

The data also demonstrates that sound off ads perform 4.8 times better than ads not developed for sound off, while mobile-optimized campaigns yield 1.9 times the ROI of non-mobile-optimized assets.

According to the research, enabling more video ad placements will help you reach more people. Campaigns with more than eight placements are 3x more successful than those with between one and three.

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