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Google Introduces New Search Technologies, Including In-Video Search
Google Introduces New Search Technologies, Including In-Video Search
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Google Introduces New Search Technologies, Including In-Video Search 👏🏻👏🏻

Google introduces new search features, such as the ability to search within YouTube videos, that are first made available in India. In India, one of the search giant's major markets, Google is introducing cutting-edge search technology, such as bilingual search results and in-video search. YouTube videos can now be searched for using Google.

Google is developing a function for Google Lens that converts medical professionals' handwriting into readable text. Google states that this functionality is designed for medical professionals but hasn't given a specific launch date. However, as this technology advances, it might eventually result in additional application cases.

Twitter Offers New Controls for Ad Placement to Assure Ad Partners 🎉 🎉

First off, Twitter is introducing new Adjacency Controls that will let brands restrict their ads from showing up next to Tweets that contain specific phrases they'd rather not.

Ad placement controls will be offered in "relevance-ranked Home Timelines," which account for the majority of Twitter activity. That will enable firms who don't want their advertisements to appear alongside, say, content that promotes hatred and conspiracy theories, some further confidence.

Additionally, independent verification of Twitter's efforts to preserve the GARM Brand Safety Floor, which aims to avoid harmful ad placements, will be provided by DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.

By 2023, AI Creation Tools Will Transform How We Create, Engage, and Interact 😱😱

In 2023, AI tools will have a considerably greater impact on many facets of internet communication, both positively and negatively. While everyone is eager to see how they might appear in different creative forms and how generative systems might lighten their load when it comes to content generation, it is important to consider the many consequences and how these tools can both help and hurt your digital marketing efforts.

AI tools will continue to advance and get stronger, which will eventually open up new applications and potential. The main limitation, at least for the time being, is that they are only allowed to base their outputs on things that already exist, so they are always going to be rather general by design.

Due to the delicate nature of Twitter's crisis and how quickly the story is emerging, agency executives and media buyers spoke to Campaign on the condition of anonymity.

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