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AI Ad Copywriter
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How to Use AI Ad Copywriter?

With AI Ad Copywriter, it is so easy for you to write descriptions, titles and bodies about your marketing campaign! You don't have to worry about how to write a description, a title or a body for your ad for hours anymore! Because with AI Ad Copywriter, you can complete this process in minutes. WASK offers you automatic descriptions, titles and bodies, which are created with your selection of the keywords. You can always use AI Ad Copywriter for all of the social media platform from Facebook, Snapchat, Linked-In, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram to Google with ease.

Here is the road map for you to use AI Ad Copywriter efficiently:


After you login, you will see our AI Tools section on the left side. Once you click on the AI Tools, you can start to use AI Ad Copywriter.


At first, you should select your brand on the Brand List. Then, you can write your brand name, brand web site, brand Facebook account and brand keywords.


Once you are done with the Brand List, you can start to write your Ad Text right away. On this section, you can select the social media platform, on which you want to post your ad. After you select the platform, you should select the category, whether it is going to be a title, description or body. Then you can choose the keywords you want to use in your text.


After you click on the Create Text, WASK will give you many marketing texts, which are created automatically based on your keywords for your brand.


Also you can edit, copy and save the marketing text, which you select. After you decide your marketing text for your ad, you can easily copy and use it on your social media platform!

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