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How to View Google Ads?
How to View Google Ads?
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By viewing your Google ads, you can track lots of details about your campaign! You can check the main metrics, graphs, keywords, statistics and many other metrics of your Google ads.

Let’s take a look at these steps more detailed.

STEP 1: Manage Page

To start viewing your Google ad, firstly you should select your ad on the Manage section. Go to the Manage section and decide the ad, which you want to view. Then click on the arrow symbol next to the green button of your active ad campaign. Lastly, click on the View.

When you go to the view page, you will find 4 different types of optimizations firstly. These optimization types are Bidding, Budget, Audience and the Ad optimizations. If you want to activate any kind of Optimization, you can just turn it on by clicking on the ‘’Start or Manage Optimize’’ button, which is located under the 4 types of Optimization styles. Once you click on it, it will direct you to the optimization section.

STEP 2: Main Matrics

Here, you can analyze the performance results of your Ad-Set and take action with user-friendly graphics and tables. On this platform you can make different kinds of comparisons by clicking on the button, which is located above the graph.

Also, on the left side of the graph, you will see the details of 9 different metrics, which include daily budget, impressions, clicks, CPC, spend, optimization score, conversions, conversion rate and Ctr.

When you click on the orange symbol on the daily budget, you can edit the budget. After you click on it, there will be different automatic budget suggestions. On this panel, you can see Daily Impression Increase and Daily Engagement Increase for each of the different daily budgets. The results showed here are automatically arranged by calculating from previous metrics and results of your ads.

STEP 3: Ad Group Keywords

If you scroll a little bit, you will be able to manage your keywords. By clicking Keywords/ Add Keyword, you can add your keywords as exact, broad, phrase match type. You can even search terms and arrange negative keywords.

STEP 4: Your Ads

If you continue to scroll, you can review and manage the details of your ads. On this section you will be able to activate and deactive your ads, Also, you can check the Ad Type and see seven different metrics.

Step 5: Ad Group Statistics/ Age & Gender Devices Insights

When scroll more, you can see the insights of the age, gender and devices, based on different metrics.

STEP 6: Locations Insight

Also, you can check the locations insight, based on different metrics.

Step 7: Day and Time

On this section, you can track the performance of your ad by day of the week or time of day.

Step 8: Smart Advices

If you continue to scroll, you will see the advices, given by the WASK. On the Smart Advices platform, you can easily track future impressions, advice keywords. These advices will be given to you by analysing your previous metrics of your ads.

STEP 9: Lost Impression Share

On the this section, you will see the lost impression share of your ad and the automatic advises given by Wask. For instance, you can get advices about how to get more clicks or impressions. These advices will be given to you automatically by analyzing your previous ad metrics.

Step 10: Campaign Settings

On the campaign settings section, you will be able to edit your campaign details. You can easily add locations, languages and daily budget.

Step 11: Change Status

Once and for all, when you scroll a little bit, you will be able to see and check the recent changes made by yourself. You can track the ad type/detail, the status, date/time and the customer who made the change.

Lastly, with this view page you are able to track so many things in just one page with ease. We hope that you will like it and have fun using it!

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