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How to Create a Smart Audience?
How to Create a Smart Audience?
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With the help of the Smart Audience you will be able to create many different segmentations of the users of your website and create an audience on Facebook and Google!

Once you connect your website to WASK and have enough data collected from your domain, you can start to use the Smart Audience feature.

Let’s see how to create an audience with Smart Audience step by step;

When you add WASK's special JS code to your website, WASK quickly starts analyzing all your visitors and it automatically detects all the events that your visitors perform on your website. It converts segments with a high conversion rate to the target audience. This feature enables the campaigns to reach more customers in a short time with less spend.

You will be able to choose the domain for which you wish to create an audience once you have added the unique JS code provided by WASK to your website. Additionally, you can only proceed if your domain contains 1000 user-performed events.

1. After you click on the continue, you can choose the most significant event from the list of the events below that are organized into several categories. Make sure you choose the event that you want to create an audience with. After you select the event by clicking on the button next to the popularity, you will be able to proceed.

2. On the confirm section, you will choose whether you want to create a Remarketing or a Lookalike audience.

3. After you choose your audience type, now you will select the segment of the users of your website, with different audience size. Select the most useful segment for your marketing campaign and click on the ‘’Create Audience’’ button.

4. After you have done all of these steps, this selected audience will be pushed to Facebook or Google. Check the audience that you have created and publish your ad on Facebook or Google.

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