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How to Optimize Underperforming Facebook Campaigns?
How to Optimize Underperforming Facebook Campaigns?
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With WASK’s Optimization tool, you can make your underperforming Facebook ads more successful! You can always improve your ad’s metrics and use Optimization tool to reach more accurate target audiences by making bidding, budget, audience optimizations.

Let's check the optimization steps more detailed:

Step 1: Optimize

To start your optimization process, click on the ‘’Optimize’’ and the Facebook Optimization’’ on the left column. After that you will be selecting the account that you have connected to WASK. And lastly click on the ‘’Continue’’.

Step 2: Campaign Name

After you have selected your account, you will see a list of your suitable campaigns for optimization and their goal, whether the optimizations is on or not, Cost, Result, Cost/Result. After you checked the different metrics of your Facebook Campaigns, you can click on the ‘’Start’’ button.

Step 3: Choose Optimization Type

On this section, you will be able to select the optimization type firstly. With WASK’S optimization feature, you will be able to make Bidding, Budget and Audience optimizations.

Bidding Optimization:

With the Bidding Optimization Type, your ad-sets will be analysed depending on their performance like result value, clicks or impressions by WASK and it will give the highest bidding to the most successful ad-sets automatically.

Budget Optimization:

With the budget optimization, the total budgets of your campaigns could be automatically increased if these campaigns have successful performance and results.

Audience Optimization:

Audience optimization will check the audience of your ads and if any issues are discovered, WASK’s system will automatically optimize them.

Once you click on the ''Start'' button you will see the details of your selected optimization type and the selected campaigns. On this section you can edit and delete the campaign too. After this step you can now start your optimization process by clicking on the ‘’Start Optimization’’ button at the end of the page.

Also by clicking on the active campaign name you will not only be able to check the graphs of your campaigns and their details but also manage them. After you started the optimization, you can manage your optimization process by clicking on ''Manage''.

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