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How to Connect Your Facebook Accounts to WASK?
How to Connect Your Facebook Accounts to WASK?

In this article, you will learn about how easily you can connect your Facebook Accounts to WASK to manage your Facebook ads.

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How to Connect Your Facebook Accounts to WASK?

Connecting your Facebook accounts to WASK is so easy! You can start managing your Facebook Ads on a single screen.

To connect your Facebook account to WASK;

  • By clicking on the β€˜β€™Connect’’ button, you are now able to connect your Facebook Ad Accounts.

Connect your Facebook Ad Account

  • Once you click Connect button you will be able to select your Facebook Ad account. After you select your account just select the businesses you want WASK LLC(n) to access.

Choose the Instagram Accounts

  • Once you select the pages that you want WASK to access, click Continue again.

Choose Pages to connect WASK

  • In this section, you can easily review what WASK is requesting permission to do.

Check the permission requests
  • After you click on the Save, your account will be connected to WASK,

Save to connect your account
  • And now, you can easily select your Facebook Ad and Pixel Accounts.

Connect Facebook Ad and Pixel Accounts

  • After connecting your accounts, you are now ready to use WASK to manage your Facebook Ad Campaigns!

Complete connecting Facebook Account

Connect Multiple Facebook Accounts

Also, you can connect more than one Facebook account to WASK. If you need more assistance, you can contact us anytime.

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