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How to Find Competitors' Audiences for Google Campaigns?
How to Find Competitors' Audiences for Google Campaigns?

In this article, you will learn about how you can find your competitors' audiences for Facebook Campaigns and gain insights.

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How to Find Competitors' Audiences for Google Campaigns?

You can take advantage of discovering your competitors' target audience with WASK's Smart Audience feature. Gain insights into your competitors’ advertising strategies.

To discover competitors’ audience;

  • Go to Smart Audience, and click Create Audience.

  • Choose your Google Ad account.

  • Choose Find Your Competitor Audience, and click Continue.

Create Smart Audience Page

  • Enter your competitor’s domain.

  • Then, click Create Audience.

Find Your Competitor's Target Audience

You should wait for WASK to analyze your competitor’s audience. Meanwhile, it suggests some competitors related to the one you entered, and you can also create their audiences.

To see the competitor’s audience;

  • Go to Smart Audience, and click List Audience.

  • Click the Pending Audiences tab.

  • See the competitors’ audiences if they are ready or pending.

  • If they are ready, click Complete Audience.

Pending Audiences

On this page, you can see the target audience used in the Google ad campaigns by your competitor. You can check the audience details like age, country, gender, and used interests.

To save the competitor’s audience;

  • Click Save on the target audience you want to use.

Competitor's Audiences

  • Give a name to this audience.

  • Check the details and click Save Audience.

Save Competitor's Target Audience

You can also save other target audiences used by your competitors. Remember, if you save one of them and leave the page, you will lose the competitor’s target audience you didn’t save.

After you save the audiences in WASK, you should send them to your Google ad campaign to use them. If you want to learn how, check How to send your saved audiences to your Google campaigns.

If you need more assistance, you can contact us anytime.

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