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Weekly Digital Marketing News
Weekly Digital Marketing News
You are able to learn current changes in the digital marketing sector.
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Meta Updates Call Ads with New Callback Option and Enhancements
Google Introduces New Search Technologies, Including In-Video Search
Updated Google Tag Process Launched by Google to Aid Businesses in Monitoring Site Performance
New Performance Max Features to Assist You This Holiday
Universal Analytics Will Going Away: 12nd March to 18th March
Twitter Announces Campaign Planner: 17th June to 24th June
Total Cookie Protection Is Enabled By Default For All Firefox Users Globally
Hootsuite Published Digital Global Overview Report 2022: 29th January to 4th February
Expanded Text Ads Will End on June 30, 2022: 25th February to 4th March
First-party Cookies from Google AdSense Now Provide Personalization
Meta Demonstrates New AI System That Can Solve Issues Through Strategic Reasoning
Google Outlines 'Privacy Sandbox' Initiative for Android: 19th February to 25th February
Seasonal Video Ad Templates Now Available in Google Ads
Google GA4 Reports Now Support Custom Dimensions
Meta Increases Automated Ad Optimization Options Through "Meta Advantage" Program
Google Updates GA4 Reports With 2 New Metrics
Meta Says It Is Not Threatening to Pull Facebook and Instagram from Europe: 5th February to 11st February
Performance Max and Smart Shopping Reports Are Now Available In Google Analytics 4
Google Adds New Inventory Packages: 18th March to 25th March
Google Introduces New Vehicle Ads Format: 9th April to 15th April
Google Expands Its Ad Asset and Extension Management Options
Google Has Shared a New Update That Will Affect Search Results: 20th May to 27th May
Google Updated its Dashboard: 16th April to 22nd April
Meta Releases New Facebook Graph and Marketing API Updates, Including New Data Access Provisions: 27th May to 3rd June
Meta Provides New Recommendations to Help Advertisers: 12nd February to 18th February
Meta Introduces New In-stream Payment Options for SMBs
Infographic of Graphic Design Trends for 2022 Has Published
Launch of Performance Max Upgrade Tool by Google Ads
Meta Announced the Development of a New Product Called ”Basic Ads": 3rd June to 10th June
Meta Published The Report of First Quarter 2022: 22nd April to 29th April
Meta Announces New Messaging Tools for Businesses: 1st May to 13rd May
Google Updated Its Meta Description Documentation
Google Proposes New 'Topics' Approach to Replace Cookie Tracking: 22th January to 28th January
New Video Planning Guide for Marketers Published by Meta
Launch of the Built-In Landing Page Report in Google Analytics 4
Plan to Remove Third-party Cookies Could Alter the Dynamic
Meta now allows you to share your NFTs on Facebook and Instagram
WooCommerce and Shopify Plugins
Hubspot Produced The 2022 Instagram Engagement Report: 5th March to 11st March
Alphabet Has Released Google Ads Editor Version 2.0: 2nd April to 8th April
Pinterest Announced It Will Launch a New Ad Type
Google Launches Experiment Page: 14th January to 21st January
Meta Faces Billion-Pound Class-action Case: 8th January to 14th January
Instagram Is Testing New Features: 30th December to 7th January
Meta's Updates and The Increasing Importance of Influencer Marketing: 18th December to 24th December
The Importance of Data Privacy Is Increasing: 11st December to 17th December
The Google AdWords API Will No Longer Be Available: 3rd December to 10th December
New Updates on Google and the Integration of Novi with WhatsApp: 27th November to 3rd December
The Era of Sponsored Messages on Telegram is Beginning: 20th November to 26th November
Meta's Updates on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp: 8th November to 14th November
Changes in Meta and Zoom: 1st November to 7th November
The Secret Deal of Google and Facebook Is Revealed: 25th October to 31st October
Twitter and Instagram Launch New Features: 16th October to 24th October